Cannabis Program

As legislators continue to lessen the reins on cannabis operations across the U.S., Cannabis Insurance Professionals are ready to offer insurance programs to the cannabis industry, customized to your specific operation. We provide unparalleled experience and access to a full spectrum of resources with expertise in the cannabis business who know the exposures to this newly developed industry.

This is a new, emerging industry, and risk management requires a level of knowledge and service that few brokers can provide. Cannabis Insurance Professionals is committed to being a leader in providing the expertise you require. Our team, licensed in all 50 states, consists of experts ranging across the insurance and risk management spectrum, and includes employee benefits advisors and a full human resources support team.

We pride ourselves in being more than just an insurance brokerage, but a wealth of resources for our clients, which is made possible through the various partnerships we’ve made within the industry. These relationships allow you to have easy access to financing, investors, legal advice, business consultants, real estate experts and accounting professionals, as well as many other providers of services and products to help you to expand your cannabis business.